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 This afternoon, I came across certain information regarding the Taemin and NaEun couple on We Got Married.

We Got Married is a South Korean entertainment show of when celebrities are paired up together to live like a married couple. They go through wedding photoshoots and get to live together in an assigned house and neighborhood to film in. It's supposed to be fake, though often celebrities let go of their image to act more natural in their couple moments, causing them to develop feelings sometimes. It's an opinionated show on how marriage should be like in a celebrity version. There are side commentaries while clips are shown of the married couples' interactions towards each other.

In my opinion, We Got Married seems to be a great show for education. You get to learn the physical and emotional ways of dealing life after marriage. Couples watching the show will learn how to be a better spouse for the other or get a kick of entertainment from how certain couples act on the show.

Taemin Lee is from a South Korean boyband called SHINee. He's the lead dancer in the group and also the youngest. Many people have looked up to him as a fairy instead of a regular human man because of his feminine looks despite him turning 20 this year. It's mainly because the group, SHINee, debuted in 2008, and Taemin had been around 15 years old. Indeed, he's evolving into an adult with how long he has been experienced in the entertainment industry.

NaEun Son is from a South Korean girlband called A Pink. She's a sub-vocalist and visual member, and has also acted in a cameo with Taemin as his younger blind sister. She has dipped her toe into the acting industry and I hear she's really great. Her group debuted in 2011 and she is currently 19 years old.

To be honest, I rarely hear of A Pink's music because I'm mostly a fan of SHINee and Jay Park in the Korean pop music industry. I watched the cameo between NaEun and Taemin in Salamander Guru and The Shadows, a South Korean comical/mystery show that appeared last year with only 10 episodes. The whole show was fantastic, including the cameos within the story plot. NaEun is a very pretty girl who's so sweet, in my opinion. What's funny is that in the show of Salamander Guru and The Shadows, Taemin not only played as NaEun's older brother, but he was also acting as a criminal of counterfeit and money plagiarism.

Together, the PD of We Got Married casted Taemin and NaEun as the young married couple in the show because he wanted to portray love at a young age. They started filming at episode 32 and are currently still filming. The two have grown close in a sweet way and somehow have been fated to be together. Since filming, Taemin and NaEun have discovered similarities that even the PD didn't even know about when casting them:
  • They both have the same ring.
  • They both are Catholic. Taemin's baptismal name is Francesco while NaEun's is Marcela.
  • They attended the same middle school, with NaEun being one year younger than Taemin.
  • In middle school, they were assigned in the same classroom in their year without knowing.
  • In the same classroom they were in, they technically sat near each other.
  • They both like extreme sports....though between them I think NaEun likes it more than Taemin...hehe....
That's all I can remember so far with their similarities. I've watched the show cuts between Taemin and NaEun online and I like how sweet they are as newlyweds. At first I had some doubts because they were young. I'm around Taemin's age and my sister is around NaEun's age, so that's pretty young to marry. Then again, when I graduated from high school a couple of years ago, almost half the women in my graduating class have ended up as mothers before marriage.

I got pissed off when I saw a recent cut of the show that was translated. Taemin said in the interview of the show that he was glad of the positive comments that he read of them being a couple on the show, but he was wary when he saw the negative comments. He hoped that NaEun didn't see those negative comments and wanted to protect her. Unfortunately, NaEun did see the negative comments and was pretty upset with herself, though she shouldn't be.

This is just a show, but fans (or rather anti-fans and sasaeng fans) tend to get overboard with the idea of having their "lovely innocent oppa" go out with any girl. [I am not going to get into the subject of anti-fans and sasaeng fans....I'll write another post soon regarding those kinds of people.] 

I made a comment upon seeing that in an article. I don't really trust that source, considering it spreads rumors as if they're facts, but celebrities tend to have no choice but to also follow the source. I don't wish to repeat myself, so here is what I wrote:
It will be under the name "Veronica Jacobe".

Oh yes, I'm so pissed that I'm willing to give away my real name at this point.
Anyway, this is just my evaluated opinion regarding the Season 4 of We Got Married between Taemin and NaEun. They represent the positive aspects within a young couple regarding marriage and couple matters.

And I want to remind people that although this is a show, people casted in it have feelings, too. They are all human beings like we are. If you don't agree, go check your DNA. =.="


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