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Right now my LJ is not exactly working when it comes to posting.
I wanted to update on any fic, but lately with all this vacation time during the summer, I have come to realize that I'm slowly losing the inspiration to finish stories.
Sure, there are times when I feel I made a good plot out of a fanfic, but then I reach to the middle of the story or barely start the midsection of it. I start to lose all my senses and get stuck on the prompt idea.
It's like I know how the story should go in my mind, but it's hard to commit it to ending the story in itself.

Unfinished stories cloud my mind as I started reading J2 fics since late May.
J2 really isn't bad, but in reality... we have to respect the true reality.

Info: J2 - a pairing genre consisted of Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles together, whether in a romantic sense, friendship sense, or lustful sense.

Both of these main actors in the American television show, Supernatural, have been happily married to their wives in 2010. Jared & Genevieve Padalecki have a young baby boy named Thomas while Jensen & Danneel Ackles are expecting a baby girl this summer.

My mother became a huge fan of Supernatural but was heartbroken when she learned that Jensen got married. Because of her reaction as a fan, I began to research more on my phone about the famous couples.

It literally tore my heart when hardcore fans nowadays don't respect the women who married the actors. Even when Danneel is currently pregnant, antifans are bashing her for marrying Jensen. People have to consider that not all celebrities stage their love in public. The entire Supernatural cast have evidently stated and proven that they are comfortable together like a family for 8 years running. Fans should also remember that Genevieve and Danneel have been a part of the Supernatural cast, giving the main actors enough time to get to know them more and develop feelings for them.

It's kind of funny to think of Jared & Jensen as a couple, but fans shouldn't wish it as a reality if they're in love with their spouses AND have children on the way. 

I understand that Misha is good-looking and married, as well as recently having a baby, but I don't hear as much complaints from fans about their personal lives.

If certain people are considered as fans of Jared and/or Jensen, they should respect who they love as well.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of writing a completely fictional story in this account soon.
Inspiration started coming from various prompts from the following fanfic pairings:
  • J2
  • JongHo/HoHyun
  • KeyHyun
  • JongTae/TaeHyun
Inspiration also came from the following non-fanfic subjects surrounding me lately:
  • Supernatural show
  • Bones show
  • Castle show
  • Fear Street novels
  • Taemin & NaEun in We Got Married show
Seriously, I think after reading and writing fanfiction for about 4 years, it's about time I at least try to publish my attempt at a regular story from my figment of imagination. Let's hope this time that I finish the story this time.....or I can turn it into a series installment. Who knows?


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